I have used a tablet PC to keep notes from all meetings, seminars and other professional occasions in the past 3 years. The advantages are many and here are some of them:
1. Never lose your notes for years to come.
2. Always have your notes and all you other office documents available. It is particularly interesting to look at a speaker’s last presentation and compare it with the current….to better appreciate the progress that has been done on the project.
3. Have access to internet. You can read background information, retrieved from the internet, on the topic that is being addressed in the seminar. You can also do email messaging and instantly send the presentation notes to your team. If a webcam is available you can broadcast the presentation to your team, but make sure to obtain permission from the organizers first.
4. You can save dead time, when a presentation becomes unbearably boring, to get work and communications done since you have all your office documents available right in front of you.
5. You can instantly search the conference program with keywords and rapidly identify interesting sessions, abstracts and people.

There are many more advantages such as better graphics capabilities through multiple shape and color pens, the import of webcam snapshots of the presentation into the note journal, the backlit screen for writing in dark seminar rooms, the unlimited writing space…etc..
A tablet computer is a must for replacing paper-based note taking with the more efficient paperless format.


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