PAPERLESS TRAVEL GEAR I’m just about to leave for my 3 weeks work trip to South Africa and Zambia. Here is my gadget gear. The tablet laptop PC will take care of all computing and internet based communication tasks. In my 200 GB hard drive I have just about every file and document that is sitting on my regular paperless office computer and I should therefore be able to perform as if I was in office. My PDA phone will do email , SMS and wireless telephony communications. It will also be useful for downloading files from emails when internet is unavailable. I just got this new eBook reader and have already loaded it with about 50 books or the trip. The webcam will be used or fate-to-face communications and video conferencing. My portable media player is loaded with musing, pictures, a movie and can also allow of digital broadcasting TV in case such media would be available. Note the earplug type headphones; very useful when flying since they will effectively reduce the jet engine noise. A video camera for HD footage is always a good ting to have when traveling to exotic places. I also intend to use it for an educational movie on malaria related field work. Note my light travel gear to the right. Having only hand luggage makes traveling so much more flexible and there is virtually no risk to loose the luggage. If you use laundry services to wash clothes this will be enough even for a 3 weeks trip. Note that I have no paper except of my passport with me for this trip, nor a pen.


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