Paperless File Transfer Without Internet Access

After the meeting I ended up again at my favorite spot on South Beach but without Wi-Fi access. I needed to get a file from my mail server onto my laptop and this would normally have been impossible. So here is the trick:
1. Download the email attachment on your PDA-phone by synchronizing with the email server (you need the international roaming capabilities here).
2. save the file on your PDA-phone’s flash memory card (i.e. micro MMC).
3. Transfer the flash memory card to the laptop (it must have a slot for it) and save the file on your hard drive.
4. Continue enjoying paperless flexibilities and work.
This transfer between the PDA phone and laptop could alternatively have been done through wireless IR or Bluetooth connections. In the worst case scenario I could have worked on the MSW documents directly on the PDA phone but it is a bit tedious with the tiny display and keyboard.
Having a flash memory card slot on your PDA- or smartphone is a good thing for file transfer and storage of multimedia.


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