Use commuting time wisely and get paperless tasks done

A large fraction of today’s workforce spends over an hour each day commuting by automobile to and from work. This time is in many cases considered lost where nothing else than the actual commute is taking place, and maybe some passive listening to a radio station or music CD. While listening to the radio or music is useful, one can recover some of the commuting time to actually get office work done, or learn something in a more targeted way. The PDA phone can be used to make phone calls to clients and collaborators. Make sure to use a headset for listening and conversations since you need both hands free for safe driving. The PDA phone can also be used to listed to audiobooks (through the headset) and through that learn a new language or, for example, how to become better at negotiatiating. The beauty if this type of multitasking is that it will make the commuting time more useful and also seem shorter since time passes by faster when we are actively engaged in learning.

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