The Dictaphone

This is one of the most useful devices for taking notes fast and in a spontaneous way, when a PDA or tablet PC would be inconvenient. The digital Dictaphone (or voice recorder or transcriber) can also be used for interviewing someone or recording a lecture. This, and other similar devices, stores the audio as a digital file on a flash memory card for later transfer to a computer. In combination with speech recognition software, this device can also be used to create typed text….but one has to speak clearly and not too fast. The dictaphone in combination with a microphone, can be used to create texts when commuting with automobile; record the text as speech and then transfer it to a computer and translate it into typed text through speech recognition software. Hence, this is a definitive boost to your paperless office.

One Response to “The Dictaphone”

  1. boredinbaltimore Says:

    Voice recorders are very much under the radar right now in the office environment, although the reasons you list here make a strong argument as to why that should change very soon. Especially with all of the technological/software advancements, there is absolutely no reason that the voice recorder should not become a prominent tool in any workplace.

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