Radically changing my office environment

 Here I have taken my work office to Tulum on Yucatan, and could enjoy complete computing, reading and communications capabilities. My tablet laptop pc (to the right) provides note taking and computing abilities, and contains all my professional documents and files. It can wirelessly connect to Internet and thereby allow access to information and communication. My Smartphone (in the middle) synchronizes with the exchange server every five minutes which will allow for continuous access to email, messenger, Internet and phone. It can also be used for document reading and editing, and listening to audiobooks and music. When WiFi networks are unavailable it can also serve as a download center for email attachments and documents retrieved from the Internet. Such files can then be transferred to the laptop through a SD memory card. My electronic ink eBook (to the left) gives me access to my entire library of fiction an non-fiction books on the go, without the need for electricity grid access. I can always connect to the eBook store on Internet and download any of the thousands different titles through my laptop if needed. A webcam (not shown) enables live face-to-face communication – teleconferencing or chat – through the laptop. I can largely “clone” my regular work or home office to more inspiring environments with these three lightweight ICT (Information & Communication Technology) devices. I edited two manuscripts and wrote parts of my book on paperless work/lifestyles during my three day stay in Tulum – and I of course also enjoyed the beach, reserves and archeological sites.


One Response to “Radically changing my office environment”

  1. Tulum Says:

    I’m still deciding if this is a good thing or not! Before all this wifi stuff people went on vacation and left work behind, as they did after work and before work…is it a good thing to be able to work on vacation or anywhere outside of your job for that matter….

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