My paperless work office

Paperless Office

 This is my paperless work office. Note the complete 100% lack of paper! The essential devices here are:

1. A powerfull PC.
2. Three monitors to enable work involving several documents.
3. A 1 TB external hard drive for back-up and storage.
4. A scanner with aoutoloader to rapidly and easily convert paper documents into electronic format.
5. A headset for voice recognition -based operation of software and text editing, and communications through messengers.
6. A webcam for video conferencing, remote-lecturing and chat.
7. A gyroscopic mouse for desk-free operation.
8. A USB flash drive for easy transfer of documents.
9. A printer (yes a printer) to print documents on paper when that is required by regulations.
10. A telephone for communications.
11. A tablet-PC / laptop to work when on the go, and take notes at seminars and meetings.


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