Electronic ink eBook reader

This is one of the most useful gadgets (or ICT devices) have bought in the past year; an electronic ink eBook reader. The main advantages of this device are: its low weight, small size and very low energy consumption. It is based on so called electronic ink technology which gives the screen and text a paper-like look. Electricity from the battery is only consumed when the page is turned, and this feature will allow for weeks of reading without a re-charge. The device can also play MP3 files so you can listen to music while reading. With a 4HB memory stick you can have hundreds (maybe thousands) of books with you for reading on the go, or in bed. The eBook reader can be used to read books or documents in the manufacturer’s eBook format, and also PDF and the regular word format. The technology is expected to evolve rapidly and we will soon see similar devices with color screens and maybe even highlighting and note taken capabilities.


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